Why Design Project Deadlines Are Important

Matt Oltmanns

Matt Oltmanns

Let’s start right off with why it is so important to have deadlines other than the obvious.

The obvious being the deadline ensures on-time completion of the designing part, leads to a smooth workflow. Additionally, when you work with deadlines, you get time to work on your mistakes as well, and thus you are able to deliver appropriate work to your client.

The not so obvious is what it does for you mentally.

A perk to this job is that you can essentially do it from anywhere, and you don’t need to be tied down to an office space.

Meaning that you have the ability to do this job in the places you find the most comfortable to work, but some people have a hard time with the discipline that is needed to effectively produce results when they are in a relaxed state.

Having a deadline keeps you in check when you have to have certain parts of the process completed before the next person in development can being.

Nothing like being held accountable for why a launch was delayed.

The deadline also allows you to have creative freedom as the designer while the client will have plenty of time to make any adjustments or corrections to your work.

When you have the creative freedom that can allow you to do some pretty awesome things but staying within the constraints of time keeps you from doubting your ability to give the client exactly what they are looking for.


Making sure you complete a project on the deadline set by either you or the client allows you to show them that you can handle the task at hand.

This means more work for you in the future, whether it comes from referrals or boosting your portfolio with a great project including an excellent testimonial from the client about you!

It’s easy to think that you are the main focus of the whole website design process or the branding process, but to a business there are plenty of other things they have to do even after a completed design.

So finishing the process within the deadline allows them to either send the design off to a developer for the website or sending the branding off to packaging, or printing.

Under-promise and over-deliver!

I don’t want this whole process to sound like it only is affecting web designers though.


Graphic Designers as a whole have deadlines regularly that need to be met.

Clients need time for revisions and the press needs time to print.

Whether you’re in for designing newsletters, magazines, newspapers, and other projects that are time-sensitive. As a graphic designer, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the amount of time that it takes to complete a project successfully.

Designers are always bouncing between projects and million different tasks for clients.

This is why having a system in place to handle all smaller responsibilities and reduce stress at the same time.

Stress makes life miserable and puts a damper on the productivity of a designer.

Always meet deadlines and never keep your clients waiting and therefore keep them happy!

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