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A great website is a necessity for any company, whether it is a million-dollar business, a small boutique, or any other business you can name.

At the moment, one can say that a website is as essential as being listed on a copy of Yellow Pages.

There has never been a more interesting period in the world of website design, thanks to new technologies and the rising belief that we should be able to do almost practically anything online.

It just keeps getting better as companies and businesses are adapting to the best programming languages and the latest trends such as minimalism and monochromes.

The attention span of a potential customer using the web lies somewhere near eight seconds and the majority would like to see something creative rather than something simple.

Thus, it becomes very crucial to not only have a good website design to boost your online presence but also understanding its importance to building a better website.

Here are 3 factors you must consider while working on your website design:

1. Users want to have control and prefer scanning.

Users like to be in control of their browsing experience. They look for any fixed points or anchors that will direct them through the material of the website while analyzing a web page. Basically, they want the data presentation to be consistent throughout the website.

2. Web users are impatient and insist on instant gratification.
If a website does not meet the needs of customers, so the web designer has not done his job well and the business will automatically lose revenue. Ensure that more intuition is required during navigation and cognitive load is lesser to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

3. Users love to consume quality content.
If a website offers its audience high-quality content, they will probably be willing to compromise the content with ads. In addition to this, quality content quantity is important to search engines.

You will have to update your website with fresh and creative content as often as possible if you want a higher rank in the search engine listing and inspire your followers to come to your site again and again.

Thus, we recommend making a schedule to publish quality blog posts and articles not only on your site but also on other pages with a link to your site.

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