What is Sleepy Cow Media?

Sleepy Cow Media is a local Website Development and UIUX Design Agency.

Hey, my name is Matt Oltmanns!  I wanted to start a small business to help other small businesses in the area.

So I started out in setting up a Iowa Design Agency right here in Dubuque.  I’m not particularly a fan of using the word “agency” because when you think of agency you think of the large corporations that don’t take into account all the hard-work you put into your company, and just want to focus on the dollar amount they can squeeze out of you.

With Sleepy Cow Media I wanted to make sure the focus was tailored around what your business needed.  You already did the hard part I just want to help with getting customers to you!

Interesting Name?

Why did you choose Sleepy Cow Media and what is the story behind that?

So a little more info about myself.  I am 33 years old and married to my beautiful wife Kathy.  Together we have an absolutely gorgeous, pain-in-the-butt daughter named Olivia. 

Olivia and I like to go on a weekly lunch date if possible, and our favorite spot is an Overpass Rest Stop in Balltown, IA that overlooks these large farmlands and can see for a great distance (It’s awesome, 10/10 recommend checking it out!), and she loves to look at the cows.

One day she said “The cows are laying down are they sleepy, Dad?” and I said a very quintessential Midwest phrase: “No, buddy the cows are laying down that means it’s going to rain soon.” She didn’t quite grasp the concept yet, but the sleepy cow bit stuck with me and I thought it would make an interesting company name so here we are!

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Some Projects

Everyone of these Started Out from a Simple Idea

Sleepy Cow Media wants to help each and every small to mid-size business reach a level of quality in their online footprint that they haven’t previously been able to find.

We are grateful and proud that we have so many local businesses to work with, and the needs of our clients come first here always!

Main Goals

The goal of every project at Sleepy Cow Media is that at the end of it you are satisfied, educated, and happy.

Unfortunately, most companies that handle the design and marketing for businesses don’t want to take the time to teach their clients what they are doing. I get it, why would they that would take away from their bottom line.

I’m not saying take the time to teach everyone design or web development, but take the time to send a weekly report on what is happening or what is happening next.

Open communication is vital at Sleepy Cow Media and can expect weekly or bi-weekly reports on the next steps in the process.

We also don’t want to be known as a design company that just puts out a template with your information on it. I think too many companies are doing that to pump out quick work and move on to the next client.

Need and want actual thought to be put into the designs that my company sends to companies, and make sure their goals are the main focus of the user experience.

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