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So you need a design done, or is it a new website? I bet you need some fresh content so you can rank better on search engines right? Well, whatever it is we can take care of it for you just send us a message, and we can get started!
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Just some questions that we get asked the most.

We don’t like to rush things but we understand that you need a timeframe to plan for going live. For the Fast design, we like to tell people that it will be in 2 weeks (14 Business days), but for the Custom High-End Website design it can take up to a month or longer and that is so we can go over all the Branding and Content Strategies with you, and make sure it has everything working before going live!

Of course not, we have worked with clients from all over the US and a few International clients as well!  Please feel free to contact us to discuss what you are looking to get done with your business!

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One of our main goals at Sleepy Cow Media is to educate business owners on their options, and this means that we will go over exactly how to update your CMS even after we’re out fo the picture. With that being said we do have Site Maintenance packages to take care of everything for you from hosting, updates, and Content Management.

All of our websites go through a design process of making sure they are “Responsive” on all devices and platforms.

We want to be there to provide a professional opinion since hopefully, that is why you are choosing to work with us anyway, but we love the input on things that you are thinking for your website. We will let you know if that is something that is possible or will even look good.

I have been training in good Copywriting for the last four years, along with good design. I firmly believe that even if you have a rough website if you have a good ad copy, and can get people to feel the emotions before making the purchase. You are better off than a business that spent tons of money on a flashy website with no thought in the text.

We don’t like to turn anyone away, and we would love to work with you even if that means setting up an easier to manage payment plan. Otherwise, we do have lower cost Landing Page only designs. Give us a shout, and we can see what we can do for you.

Well, we have a few options for payment. 

We can do Payment all up front

50% up-front and then 25% after first revision, and then Final 25% on Delivery.

Choose which option fits your budget best.

Web Design & Development in Dubuque, Iowa

Fully Responsive and looking amazing!

Tell your story without saying a word

Simple, Get Found Easily and First

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